Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We've Moved!!

Well everyone it's with great excitement that I announce The Chronicles has moved but not too far rather we got an upgrade and are a .com now. Here's a link to the new Thomas Crown Chronicles Please make sure to bookmark it for the future.

EDIT: If that link doesn't work try this direct link: (no "the")

This site will now be considered the The Chronicles Archives and will still be available for anyone to look through and gather whatever Timbo info they may need.

Lookin' forward to seeing you all over at the new site. Thanks as always for the support!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Do you know what today is?

It's Shock Value day, did everyone go out like good fans and buy a copy? I did and have been listening to it non stop. I have to say it's a grower. At first I was like "naa I ain't feelin' it" but now as the hours go by, I'm starting to like it.

How about for everyone else, do you like it? I know there was a leak awhile ago but has your opinion about it changed at all? I'm really diggin' "Bombay" and "Miscommunication" I'm really happy to see Hannon's name on a co-production as well but we'll go into the liner notes on another post.

Hope ya'll copped the album to give our man Timbo support. The Chronicles team (myself included) will be giving their reviews shortly so stay tuned. In the meantime look for a small change tomorrow here on The Chronicles....

Happy Shock Value Day! :D

Timbaland announces his 2nd single

I won't ruin it for ya'll, I'll just let you watch:

2nd single announcement

So how do ya'll feel about the news?

Allhiphop talks with Timbo

" The music took a big leap over the last two years. What prompted this change on your part?

Timbaland: My sound is always changing, so I can’t pinpoint myself. Once I think someone’s got it, I’ll change it up and that happens all the time. I don’t try to do that; it just comes natural to me. Sometimes I don’t like my sound, it’s just nagging to me, sometimes I’m just like "This is trash," but that’s just me being a hard critic."

Full Article

Props to Claire for the info!

Timstrumental of the Week

OK, last week I dropped Tim & Mag's official first single, Czar went and threw up HERE WE COME, the 1st single off TIM'S BIO, so in continuing that theme here goes the 1st 'street' single off INDECENT PROPOSAL. DROP mighta been the first video, but about a year before the cd dropped, this was pegged as the jumpoff, promo and vinyl were shipped....I cannot believe this song aint take off!

ROLL OUT featured Petey Pablo (before RAISE UP stardom) and Sebastian. Tim - on his verse made his voice sound the way it did way back when on that Jodeci track from '93, and Magoo? He keeps it Magoo.

This is a classic to me, I like how it sounded different too. Everynow and then Tim will be doin a 'signature' sound (like MY LOVE/ICE BOX/ANONYMOUS/SEXYBACK/WAY I ARE), and just when you expectin something else along those lines, BAM!...comes that left hook right outta nowhere. ROLL OUT was just that typa track.

Timbaland & Magoo//ROLL OUT timstrumental


Monday, April 02, 2007

Timbo talks more with Seacrest

Here's a short interview Tim did with Ryan Seacrest. He talks about his album and more Brittany Spears ambitions. A come back album? All Timbo? Hmmmm


Bjork "Earth Intruders" Snippet and News

Here is what has reported to be Bjork's first single off her new album Volta, "Earth Intruders" produced by Timbaland. What do ya'll think? Personally, I can't make a judgement call off of 10 seconds of a track but it's good to at least know what Tim & Bjork have been cookin' up.

The track will be released as a digitally downloadable single on April 9th according to her website and if you haven't seen it yet here is the cover art for Volta.

Definitely looking forward to this. Thanks to Hypnotic for the snippet.


T.I. and Slim Thug talk Timbaland

Here are a couple of interviews with T.I. and Slim Thug talking a little bit about working with Timbaland:

T.I. Full Interview

".....Other characters slated to guest on the disc include Wyclef Jean, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Ciara, Akon, Tweet, and R. Kelly — not to mention Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, T.I.'s partners on the Grammy-winning smash "My Love."

Full Article

"....Last week, Slim — on the phone from Dallas, where he was in the studio with another VA super-producer, Timbaland — revealed that he was never signed to Star Trak in the first place."

Great read on that Slim Thug article. I always thought he was on Star Trek. Big thanks to Barrie from Entertainment Weekly and my man Roderick for the articles!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shock Value Contest!!

Get featured on the largest fan collage ever and be seen by many!

This is what you have to do. Please read carefully.

Purchase Timbaland Presents Shock Value, which drops this Tuesday in stores. We understand some of you may have ordered or will order online so you have 7 days from Tuesday until this contest ends.

Take a photograph of yourself holding up the CD. You can use any pose you like. No bootleg cds that you bought from the man on the train, no pictures of you in Walmart holding up the cd. No borrowing your friends copy and having both of you in the photo. None of that. You must BUY the album. No self-promotion in the photo please this is not a slick chance for you to get stardom.

Anything that is sent that contains any of the above will be disqualified. Along with the photo, send your first name or nickname and your location.

The people who send their photograph to within the 7 days of the album dropping, you will be featured on a giant collage that will be placed on my page, as well as on Timbaland's site There is a chance it may also be featured in a Blog on Timbaland's myspace if there is enough response.

-From Timbalandchick

Let's do this ya'll!!

NY Times Review of Shock Value

Definitely a solid review:

"Even when he doesn’t have the microphone, Timbaland often overshadows whoever does. He’s not one of those musical therapists who make singers sound more like themselves. On the contrary, he prides himself on challenging his clients. They have to find a way to work around his weird beats. (Many of his productions don’t really make sense until you hear them a few times; he loves songs that sound wrong at first.) His music isn’t predictable, but it’s definitely recognizable. In that sense he’s among the most assertive pop producers of all time."

Full Article

Props to Macedes for the link!

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