Sunday, March 25, 2007

You think you know your Timbo?

So you're a Timbo fan right? Maybe even a Tim stan? But how well do you think you really know him? Favorite food? Color? Who he's worked with? Well take this quiz and find out.

Now I thought I was a Timbo stan for sure but there were a couple on the quiz that I missed so a groupie I shall be. Now if it was all about Tim's music that might be a different story. They may have to include "mega-stalker" as a possible outcome.

Let us know how ya'll did! Props to TimboFan for the link.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

10 of 15, iam only a fan? oh noooo

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...

I've read all the articles lately, so I got 13/15. Weird since I've only been a fan for about a year...

12:25 AM  
Anonymous gabriel said...

13 1/2 outta fifteen i got the celine dion song right but not time afta time. damn i was hopin 2 outdo u boogie!!!!! lol but timbo sellin watermelon and pickin strawberries!??!? lol

4:29 PM  

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