Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Omarion's "Ice Box" is not directly produced by Timbaland

I kept hearing stories about the different people who might have produced this track. One such person I heard about was a guy named King so I decided to ask King himself to get some clarification about who really produced the track.

"Icebox" is produced by Tha Court which consists of King and Sir John who are part of Timbaland's camp. They work with Tim and his influence can definitely be heard yet Tha Court are the production team behind this new hot track. Not familiar with Tha Court? Well you better start learning cuz rest assured we can all expect BIG THINGS from this duo. "Icebox" is pure HEAT! Big ups to King for taking time out from his busy schedule to set the story straight.

Go check out his myspace and give him the props he deserves!

A new better quality version has recently popped up on the net. This version is actually an alternate to the original as the beginning is shorter, there are added sounds, and there is a slightly different ending then the original (perhaps unmastered?) version.


Anonymous Johnboy said...

I coulda sworn it was Tim, lol.

But about these Timboish tracks and bites you could make a list too. Like.. what are the typical tracks people think that is produced by Timbaland, but they're really not. Just a thought. :)

6:21 AM  
Anonymous unreal said...

Thing is, King works for Timbo and his crew

I used to talk quite a bit to that dude, I HAVE HIS EMAIL ADDRESS MUAHAHA lol

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Johnboy there are quite a few tracks that people think are Timbo but really aren't. What tracks do you think may or may not be Timbo?

11:59 AM  
Anonymous A Friend said...

Link to album version + instrumental (HQ!) :

2:40 AM  

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