Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Devante and Timbaland

So let me bring you some more interesting production info you may not know. Yeah we're all aware of the Devante/Timbo relationship but have you checked the liner notes of certain tracks? What you think is Timbaland, is really credited to Devante. Why? Could it be that Timbo was fresh in the game back then and Devante's name was put on production credits for the star power of it? Could it be a "produced by Devante" track held more clout than a "produced by Timbaland" track at that time? Well let's look at the facts.

Jodeci's "In The Meanwhile" featuring Timbaland is produced by Timbo right? No it's not, it's credited to Devante though Timbo gets credit for writing and performing the rap.

Jodeci's "Time and Place" is produced by Devante and Timbaland gets credit as co-writer.

Jodeci's "Sweaty" is produced by Devante yet Timbaland is credited for the "scratches".

Usher's "Can U Get Wit It" is credited to Devante and Timbaland gets credit for all instruments.

Jodeci's "Bring On Da Funk" is credited to Devante and Timbaland gets co-writer credits.

Here's my favorite one: B Rezell's "Blowed Away" is credited to Devante, Timbaland appears nowhere on the liner notes yet on the rap it's said ".....all due respect to Tim and Devante, for makin' a track that's phat...." Hmmm interesting stuff indeed.

Now the biggest possibility? It's been said that though Devante got credit for "Love You Down" by The Basement and 2 Pac's "No More Pain", that Timbaland actually produced both tracks!

I gotta give props to my man Bossplayya as he is the reason for this entry. Dude knows 10 times more Timbo stuff than I ever will. When he told me all this, I was like DAMN now that's story. Thanks Playya!!


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